Great Model 3 Accessories

You can’t go wrong with any of these picks for yourself or the Model 3 owner in your life.

$25 or less

You hope to never need it, but if you do much parallel parking, sooner or later a wheel will probably get scuffed. This inexpensive paint matches the gunmetal color of the aero wheels perfectly. Check out our review for more info.

This compact USB hub will give the Model 3 a total of four front USB ports so that one phone can charge at full speed, the second can charge at slow speed, and you can also use USB drives for USB audio and Sentry/TeslaCam as shown in our review. If you want fast-charging for both phones, check out the battery bank with an integrated hub below instead.

Speaking of Sentry/TeslaCam, dashcams are notorious for wearing out flash drives because they write to them constantly. A high endurance microSD card rated for thousands of hours of continuous writes. 128GB is a great size.

A USB adapter that can seamlessly connect to your car with USB and then connect to your phone is the best way to ensure that your video files are accessible when you need them most. The Vikasi 3-in-1 microSD adapter works great with Android currently and will (hopefully soon) work with Apple in iOS 13.

Since the Model 3 uses an RFID card as the key, you have to remove it from RFID-blocking wallets to use it. This wallet makes it quick and easy to unlock and lock the car. Check out the demo here.

This high-quality blueprint is a unique addition to any Model 3 fan’s office or home. It’s made to look similar to sketches and notes that Leonardo da Vinci made of his designs. Adding a matted frame bumps this into the $70 price range, but makes it a nice gift.

This 7-piece set of cup holder and center console liners adds a touch of style and your choice of color to the interior. They help protect and make it easier to clean.

Around $50

Nobody wants scratched door sills. Keep them shiny and new with clear vinyl protection.

You can’t beat Kenriko’s matte black vinyl center console wrap kit for only $30. It looks great, fits great, and even comes with an extra piece for the cupholders in case you don’t get it just right the first time. He sells multiple colors and styles including brushed metal and matte white as well. Check out our review for more.

Get the performance look on the non-performance Model 3 with a set of aluminum pedals. They look great and give the pedals a nice, solid feel. Check out our installation video for more details.

Around $100

SnapPlate installs and removes in seconds

We love our SnapPlate removable front license plate mounts because they’re so easy to attach and remove and they leave nothing behind when they’re off. Check out the details in our store.

Since the Model 3 doesn’t have a spare tire, a tire repair kit could keep a bad day from turning worse by letting you repair a tire in a few minutes rather than waiting for roadside assistance. You’ll need a compressor to fill the tire back up, so together, a “No Spare Tire Kit” is money well spent. This duo fits perfectly in the left storage area of the trunk.

When it comes to mud and snow, there’s no substitute for a good set of all-weather floor mats. These ToughPro mats will do the job for a reasonable price and you can spend a bit more and protect the trunks as well.

This USB battery bank with an integrated USB hub works great to fast-charge two phones and enable Sentry/TeslaCam and USB audio – all at the same time. One device, all the features. Check out our review for more.

Over $200

For maximum protection from the elements, the TUXMAT floor mats have no equal. They offer full coverage for the harshest conditions of mud and snow and they have a luxurious look as well. They’re highly recommended.

These 3D MAXpider floor mats cost a bit more than the ToughPros, but they look great and provide even better protection for that tough winter weather. They’re so popular that they sell out quickly when they’re in stock.

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