Tesla Model 3 Grand Touring Suspension

Before we got a Model 3, we drove a Lexus ES350. It was smooth, quiet, and a great travel car. Now don’t get me wrong, the Model 3 is superior in many, many ways, but it definitely leans more on the sporty side both in smoothness and noise and we’d like to get some of that luxury back.

Our former LivingLexus? 2007 Lexus ES350

Since the luxury car makers have (still!) not made an electric vehicle that checks as many boxes for us as Tesla, they’re simply not an option. The newer “Raven” Tesla Model S with the fully-adjustable suspension is a step in that direction, but it’s simply out of our budget, so that started our quest for an aftermarket luxury suspension for the Model 3.

There was a problem though. That product category didn’t exist.

We could find performance suspensions for days, but nobody was making luxury suspensions for any cars, much less Teslas. We contacted all of the big names and asked if they would be willing to fill this, admittedly, niche market, but they all declined. We did find one suspension shop who was willing to modify the stock suspension just for us, but that turned into an expensive and, ultimately, disappointing experience.

Enter Redwood Motorsports. At their shop right by the Tesla factory in Fremont, they took notice of the truckloads of Teslas coming by and saw opportunity. They already had an established relationship with two of the biggest names in suspensions – Ohlins and Swift, so they developed a Performance suspension for the Model 3.

As soon as we saw this new player enter the market, we contacted them with our dream of a luxury suspension using top-shelf components and they said great, let’s do it, and got to work on re-tuning their Performance kit to make a luxury Grand Touring kit.

It is now a reality and we’re ready to share the experience with the community. Stay tuned for updates on the installation experience, tips, and a full review here and on our YouTube channel.

If you’re interested in a kit for yourself, use our coupon code “LivingTesla” for a discount!

More to come, but for now, let’s meet the guys at Redwood.